Natysal Laboratories offers a wide range of blister packaging formats; whether tablets or hard or soft gel capsules are the most suitable for your needs, the aluminium may printed using flexography.

What is especially noteworthy is the possibility to produce highly air-tight blister packaging; ideal, for example, for soft gel capsules or hygroscopic products.


We have two automatic cartoners, which may be adapted to practically any type of presentation format.

We offer a large number of standard formats that may be adapted to any requirement, for any number of colours, type of material or varnish, with options for stamping, relief or windows.


We can sleeve wrap or group the products in different presentation formats.


This is designed for promotions with various products or in order to improve the presentations.


Natysal Laboratories is authorised for the production of medicinal products, cosmetics, hygiene and dental products, nutritional products and supplements designed for special nutritional requirements.

  • Certificate of Compliance GMP ES/016H/13
  • Nutritional supplements 26.360/M
  • Medicinal Products: 4104-E
  • Cosmetics and hygiene and dental products: 1278-CS