Oral Forms


Since its beginning, the commitment of Natysal Laboratories has been to offer products based on natural active ingredients manufactured to the highest quality; from the development of the formula to consumption.


The development of oral forms, whether medicinal plants forms or nutritional supplements, requires an elaborate development of the formula: selection of raw materials or the relevant stability and compatibility studies, through to the selection of packaging materials for the finished product.

The development of these formulas is carried out in order that the final product complies with current health legislation.


All raw materials used for products manufactured by Natysal Laboratories comply with the highest quality standards required by the pharmaceutical industry.

For any raw material, the process begins with the selection of parameters that guarantee efficiency and then suppliers are selected from among the most internationally recognised.


All products manufactured by Natysal Laboratories are carried out in accordance with the strict principles required by the pharmaceutical industry: GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) guidelines.

Manufacturing begins with quality controls, which ensure compliance with each raw material specifications, from active ingredient content to microbiological controls. This process continues with the relevant controls tests on intermediate products such as tablet hardness, disintegration, uniformity of content, testing of finished products and the corresponding batch release testing.


Wet granulation with fluid bed drying allows for the manufacturing of specialised oral forms such as tablets, capsules or sachets.


This preliminary production process is necessary for products, which, due to lack of fluidity or density and due to their characteristics, do not allow wet granulation and thus, cannot be dispensed directly.


We have the necessary equipment in order to adapt to any batch size or formulation difficulties while maintaining consistently the highest quality standards.


Filling of hard gel capsules of medicinal products and nutritional supplements.


Production of tablets of medicinal products, herbal medicines, and nutritional or dietary supplements.


Our production line allows for filing 10 to 1000 ml bottles for syrups and oral solutions as well as filling capsules, with the possibility to include tamper-evident seals and bottles with powder or granules.


Thanks to the extensive experience of Natysal Laboratories with respect to blister packaging, we have developed our own glass ampoule manufacturing process based on blister format. This process allows us, on the one hand, to improve product manufacturing as it helps prevent problems inherent to the manufacturing of glass ampoules (breakage, minimum quantities and the need for gondola storage) and on the other, to facilitate use by the final consumer (easy to open and transport, perforated).

Available in units of 2.5, 10 and 15 ml.


Natysal Laboratories offers the possibility of filling diverse material formats: from liquids to powders, emulsions and including infusions based on herbal medicines.

This is an ideal presentation format for both finished products as well as free samples.