Topical Forms


Since its beginning, the commitment of Natysal Laboratories has been to offer products based on natural active ingredients manufactured to the highest quality; from the development of the formulation to consumption.

We manufacture our products in accordance with EC Regulation 1223/2009, of mandatory compliance since June 2013, positioning our products in the Cosmetic Products Notification Portal (CPNP).


All cosmetics of Natysal Laboratories are manufactured based on the most suitable formulations and active ingredients. They are designed to achieve, not only the greatest effectiveness but also maximum synergism and association among their components (Exclusive Aroma-Phyto-Therapy Process).

During the development of the formulation, in addition to the testing of texture, spreadability, absorption, fragrance, etc., testing is carried out on the stability of active ingredients and for the compatibility of the packaging material in which the product arrives to the final consumer.


Cosmetic raw materials are selected, not only due to their active ingredient content, but also due to extraction procedures, subsequent treatment and activities, as well as their ability to maintain stability without interacting with other formulation components and/or package.

This selection process allows us to manufacture cosmetics using natural ingredients with organic certification.


The development and manufacture of Natysal products are carried out in accordance with the strict principles of the pharmaceutical industry. GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) guidelines.

In addition to the selection of quality raw materials, a careful manufacturing process is carried out, which begins with quality controls; most importantly regarding product components, from the absence of microbiological contamination to the content of active ingredients.

Manufacturing begins with water treatment (principal ingredient in creams and gels) using a reverse osmosis system, which results in water free from salt, chloride or microorganisms (purified water). Then, the purified water undergoes a process that reaches 100ºC at a controlled pressure, which guarantees the absence of air; one of the main enemies of cosmetic products (due to its oxidising and destabilising effects).

The incorporation of the active Ingredients (extracts, vegetable oils, essential oils, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, etc.) in the emulsion, gel, paste or ointment, is carried out during the final phase of the production process (cold stability stage) in order to ensure maximum stability and effectiveness.


  • Specific products for each skin condition.
  • With natural active ingredients.
  • Formulations based on Aroma-Phyto-Therapy.
  • Free from preservatives aggressive for the skin.
  • Free from colouring matters.
  • Free from synthetic fragrances.
  • High sun protection factors for specific creams.
  • Patch Test.
  • Challenge Test.
  • Not tested on animals.
  • Natural active cosmetic at a reasonable price.
  • Safety reports for each product.


Natysal Laboratories has 3 reactors for the production of the highest quality emulsions, adaptable to any size batch.


Both oil and water based solutions are ideal presentation formats for cosmetics, whether for the desired final products or due to the characteristics of the cosmetic’s active ingredients.


Our versatility in terms of production allows for filling from 15 to 1000 ml in any type of material: PVC, methacrylate or glass.


From 8 to 200 ml with any type of material: plastic, laminate, metal and with any type of closure: screw, flip-top or hinged, with the possibility of including a safety cap or seal.

We use various tube suppliers, which allows us to adapt to your quantity, delivery deadline and printing complexity requirements.


For both solutions and emulsions or pastes, for any type of material, size or dosage, it is an ideal presentation format for free samples as well as for finished products.

From simple single-colour printing using flexography to full-colour gravure, including letterpress and any type of finish. We can adapt to your needs.


From 15 to 1000 ml in any type of material with different possible closures: dropper cap, spray, dropper, airless, pump, pilfer or metal caps.