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What is the GMP certificate?

Obtaining a GMP certificate requires and ensures: The QUALITY, CONCENTRATION, ASSESSMENT, PURITY AND IDENTITY of the raw materials used in each of our products, thus adequately controlling the manufacturing methods.
  • Qualified and trained personnel
  • Validated and approved facilities and equipment
  • Suitable containers and packaging -- Suitable transport and storage
  • Appropriate transport and storage
It is essential for all validated procedures to be written in a clear and unambiguous way. Records are kept for each and every product manufactured, to demonstrate that all operations required by the established procedures have actually been performed and that the amount and quality of the products are as expected.


  • Certificate of GMP compliance ES/115HV/16
  • Food supplements and dietetic foods for special medical use (RGSEAA): 26.360/M
  • Medicinal products: 4104-E
  • Cosmetics, dental and hygiene products
  • Registered manufacturer and distributor of animal food for pets, number P28000642
The implementation of GMP standards is especially relevant insofar as it reduces the risk of contamination and confusion in mixing raw materials by working under the TOTAL QUALITY concept.
Furthermore, all batch manufacture, storage and distribution records must be complete and accessible, in order to minimise any risk of compromising quality. Under GMP guidelines, it is mandatory to implement a system for withdrawing marketed products and to adapt to corrective measures in order to prevent further problems.
Laboratories Natysal certifies the GMP guarantee of all its production processes, as well as the quality of its ingredients, so that the consumer can fully trust our products.